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Onboard Interns and New Hires
Faster and More Efficiently

OnBoard Yourself! handbooks and digital content help your millennial newbies take charge of their own onboarding success.

  • 80+ pages of lessons, tips and checklists

  • Teaches “soft skills”

  • Available in print and NEW digital editions



New Hires


Onboard Yourself® makes it easy for you to onboard interns and new hires. With advice, exercises and tips, our handbooks help newbies quickly find their feet and become productive employees.

Soft Skills/Workplace Basics

“OnBoard Yourself helps new hires teach themselves workplace basics so we can spend time on business critical information. Great program!” - CEO, Transportation Startup.

Happy Supervisors

"Our supervisors LOVE the handbooks. They take the 'pain' out of managing newbies by giving everyone a simple, effective process to follow." - HR Manager, Software Company.

Great Tips

"Your handbook gave me awesome tips! It's been a great help." - Summer Intern, HR Services Company.

First-Day Must-Have

“I love your 'My Personal Onboarding Plan' handbook. I wish I'd have had it on my own first day on the job." - HR Director, Financial Services Company.