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Don’t Spoon Feed Your Millennial New Hires

  Take a moment to close your eyes and picture something with me; your millennial new hires, arriving on their first day ready to take charge of their onboarding success. Bright-eyed and eager, they quickly learn their way around, get themselves oriented and get right down to productive work. Okay. Are you laughing (or crying) […]

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Engage New Hires Right Away

Millennial new hires see your job offer as the beginning of a serious relationship. They’re excited and want to engage with your company right away. Unfortunately, most organizations have no idea of when and how to effectively engage with them. Too many onboarding programs are paper-based, classroom-driven and scheduled to begin after the new hire […]

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Todd Hudson

Todd Hudson Presents “Unforgettable Onboarding” at SHRM Talent Management Conference Today

Onboard Yourself creator (and Maverick Institute founder) Todd Hudson spoke to a standing-room-only crowd at SHRM Talent Management Conference in Las Vegas this morning. The title of his preso was “Unforgettable Onboarding.” If you missed it, and you’re a SHRM member, Todd’s slides from the talk will available on the SHRM website. If you’re NOT […]

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