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How to Use Our Handbooks

Onboard Yourself handbooks provide your interns and new hires with a structured-yet-flexible learning guide that enhances your own onboarding programs.

They are designed to ease the burden on your busy supervisors by teaching newbies how to take charge of their own onboarding success instead of waiting to be “led by the nose.”

With stories, exercises, tips and other rapid-learning tools, the handbooks teach:

  • Basic business etiquette (“Don’t text in meetings!” “There’s no ‘ignore’ button at work!”)
  • Business 101 concepts (“internal vs. external customers”)
  • Self-management skills (“Work in the Peak. Learn in the lull.”)
  • Networking skills (“Walk in your customer’s shoes.”)
  • Attitude Adjustments (“Organized. Inquisitive. Respectful. Patient. Resilient. Tenacious.”)

These lessons help newbies become productive quickly and with a lot less hand-holding. Managers also love the handbooks because they take the guesswork out of supervising, giving them a plan to check off exercises and track the newbie’s progress.

OnBoard Yourself content is general, not aimed at any particular industry or company culture. If you have a strong onboarding program already, you can make it dovetail with your program by customizing the handbook with more (or less) content and your graphic brand. Some common customizations are:

  • Welcome message from the company president
  • List of key phone numbers and emails
  • Company mission statement
  • Facts about the company that every newbie should know
  • Safety & security rules
  • Standard project management protocols
  • Story examples that apply directly to your company and/or industry
  • A “treasure hunt” game to learn more about the company

The possibilities are endless! Contact us to learn more about customizing your handbooks.

When to Distribute the Handbooks

Some companies send a handbook to the newbie with their acceptance letter, so they can get started thinking about their new skills right away. Others wait until the new hire’s first day. It depends on your onboarding process.

NEW! Onboard Yourself Digital Packages!

Want to customize Onboard Yourself…yourself? Now you can! Our handbooks and more than 35 pieces of bonus content are now available as digital files you can easily modify to dovetail with your current onboarding process.

Create your own handbooks, make presentations, hand out newbie checklists… the sky’s the limit.

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