For Millennial New Hires…

Your Ultimate Tool for Onboarding New Hires

My Personal Onboarding Plan: The New Hire’s Guide to On-the-Job Success is filled with more than 80 pages of stories, tips, advice, checklists, exercises and activities to help new hires accelerate their onboarding progress.

With easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidelines, your new hires will have a plan they can start executing the moment they walk through your doors.

Your newbies will learn how to:

  • Build relationships with key constituents, such as internal customers, suppliers and support staff.
  • Exemplify six key traits that help new hires learn and grow in their jobs.
  • Clarify expectation and ask good questions.
  • Stay organized and manage time productively.
  • Align their learning and work activities with your company’s business cycles.
  • Take maximum advantage of the orientation and training programs you offer.

Buy one for every new hire to improve the consistency of your onboarding and orientation programs. The handbook’s 5″x8″ wire-bound format makes it easy to carry everywhere and quickly fill in key information they’ll refer to again and again.

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Purchase our content to create your own onboarding materials! Digital files allow you to customize our content yourself for digital or print distribution within your company. Create your own print handbooks, make e-books or grab pieces of the content to use for classroom training and checklists. SPECIAL BONUS: Includes 35+ pieces of bonus content, including screencasts, podcasts and articles. (Note: content for your company’s internal use only. May not be resold.)


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