Digital Packages

Onboard Yourself Digital

Your Best Practices Toolkit
for Onboarding Millennial Interns and New Hires

Get your newbies up to speed
faster and more easily.
Help them be productive and engaged
from day one.
Ease the burden on
busy supervisors and coworkers.

An Easy Way to Create Your Own Custom Onboarding Program!

Want to create an effective onboarding program for interns and new hires, but don’t have the time/resources?

We understand. Writing an entire, 80-page handbook would be a HUGE project for any HR or training department. And if you created ALL the digital content we offer, it could take a whole year.

Now, you don’t need to. Because we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

With our digital packages, you can deploy a great onboarding solution in just DAYS. We give you the digital files for the Onboard Yourself handbook and lots of bonus copy as well. From there, it’s super-easy to edit the files to add your company lingo, industry jargon and elements of your own onboarding process.

All you need to do is have fun and make Onboard Yourself your own!

Even better, have your newbies and interns help you edit the copy and content! It’s great way to engage them and you can take advantage of their first-hand onboarding experience.

  • Use only the Onboard Yourself content you need. Combine our content with yours.

  • Create your own handbooks in print and/or digital formats.

  • Draws on best practices and proven techniques to get new hires and interns up to speed quickly and effectively.

  • Use Onboard Yourself content in presentations, wikis, handouts, podcasts and screencasts.

  • Packages include Indesign and pdf versions of handbook(s), plus more than 25 bonus articles you can use to create your onboarding program.

  • Available in two versions: New Hires (My Personal Onboarding Plan) and Interns (Not a Moment to Lose).

Onboard Yourself Digital Pricing


NEW HIRES – My Personal Onboard Yourself Package



INTERNS – Not a Moment to Lose Package



NEW HIRES + INTERNS Get Both and Save!




Frequently Asked Questions


How will the files be delivered to me?

We have several ways to get the files to you, including FTP or Drop Box. If you have a preferred method, we’ll work to accommodate you as much as possible.


What formats are the files in?

The handbook will be in both Indesign and Microsoft Word. Articles will be in Microsoft Word. Podcasts in MP3. Lessons in SCORM-compliant Flash and Adobe Captivate project files. Videos (screencasts) in MP4.


What about the illustrations in the print handbooks?

Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, we cannot include the handbook illustrations. We will, however, include FPO (for position only) samples and a list of the illustrations so you can license them from if desired.


I’m onboarding both interns and new hires. If I buy both packages, do I get a discount?

You betcha. See our pricing, above.


Can I print my own handbooks?

Yes, you can. The package instructions include our recommendations for paper stock, size and binding.


Can I share Onboard Yourself files or content outside our company?

No. Our digital content packages are for your company’s own internal use only. If you have questions about this, about this, please ask us.


I want to customize Onboard Yourself, but I don’t have the inhouse resources to get it done. Can you help me?

Yes, we do this for many companies and have an entire editorial and design staff ready to help you if you wish, for an additional fee. Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.


I have more questions…can we talk?

Absolutely! We’re here to help. Contact us any time.